After 10 months in this concrete jungle

I am thankful. 

It has been 10 months since I landed foot in New York City with a dream in my pocket and a mind full of fear.  I didn't know what was going to happen, would I fail? How long would I last here? I own my own business, that I started only two years prior.  Did I have what it took to make it in a city that is notoriously known for challenging a person to the extent of their being?

Living in NY was one of the best decisions of 2015.  I have went through the hardest times of my life this year. Experiences that I would have never imagined I would go through.  I am a very optimistic person who finds the good in every situation.  This city tested this belief to the edge of a cliff.  I have never felt so defeated, uplifted, inspired and exhausted all at the same time.  This is how I can explain my personal experience since living here. 

NY is so special in that way.  You will experience every single emotion that you never thought you could feel.  I have never felt so inspired and motivated to make my dream happen and I've never felt so insecure and fearful of failure.  I've also never felt so THANKFUL. 

I have survived here for almost a full year by solely betting on myself.  I've learned so much about myself and my business this past year.  I still can't believe that I'm actually making it in this city as an entrepreneur, it blows my mind.  It also scares the shit out of me.  Do you know how it feels to not know when you are going to get your next paycheck? It's terrifying,  but I'm continuing to push that is why I think it is so important to make your passion your work. When you have passion behind your work, you continue to push, no matter what.  I've never been tested so hard in my life, but man am I going to become so much stronger after this. 

Although I find myself in stressful situations, I can see myself growing from every single experience.   Do you know how terrified I was of the train?!  I thought I would never have the confidence to ride it alone and figure out how to get around the city. Don't even get me started about the bus.  Truth is before I moved here I never relied on public transit as my main way to get around.  MTA transit isn't necessarily the most ideal first experience..but now looking back I can't even believe I was nervous. 

Seeing myself grow in little areas like this to big areas such as teaching my own bootcamps is really cool to see.  When I lived in New Mexico I would avoid in person training at all costs because I was afraid I wasn't ready yet.  I was afraid that my teaching wasn't perfect and the people in my class would notice my lack of experience.  You know what? I beat that fear too.  I'm now teaching my own bootcamps 4x a week at a beautiful studio nestled in the Upper East Side.  If you would have told me I was doing this a year ago I would have not believed it. 

I'm growing each and every day in this city and I couldn't be more grateful.  If I were to live anywhere else, I don't believe I would be where I am today. New York has given me such a unique perspective that I can't get anywhere else. I am thankful. 


Sherica Holmon7 Comments