In the year of 2012, I was a customer service representative at a call center in Albuquerque, NM. I would wake up in the morning in tears because I was so unhappy with my situation. I always had a curiosity to experience the big city and chase my dreams. They said DON’T LEAVE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. I NEVER RESIST CHANGE. 
After taking the leap to move to NYC, my experience was far from a dream. I was struggling to make ends meet as a result of my inconsistent self-employed income. Yes, I moved to the city with no job. I moved here on a mission to grow my business and brand on my own. I needed more.

I believe constantly pushing myself outside of my comfort zone gets me closer to who I am supposed to be. Fast forward four years later and I see something that I could only dream of. MYSELF ON A BILLBOARD IN Times Square! THEY SAID DON’T LEAVE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. If they only knew that our full potential is on the other side.

My goal is to encourage you to invest in you. The more we invest in ourselves, the more we can give to the world. Always remember you cannot pour from an empty cup. Keeping our cup full, our battery charged is the secret sauce to success. Let’s elevate the world one person at a time by prioritizing our mind, body and soul.